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AALA was founded in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA

Taking it a step further, a peer group of existing and emerging leaders discussed the concept of developing a leadership recognition/enrichment program. The thought was, in order for a committed group of their peers to emerge as potential future replacements to existing seasoned leadership, our community needed to develop a means of tapping them into service. We needed to recognize their efforts to date utilizing their recognition as a means to encourage the involvement of others on the sidelines, and to invest in their future leadership development by offering them exposure to mentors in this area.


AALA offers workshops, meetings, social gatherings, and conversations among leaders focused on mentorship, specifically designed leadership addressing unique challenges for people of color and exposure to opportunities.

In addition, AALA provides leadership enrichment opportunities with regional, state and national figures. These areas of focus grew as leaders stated their concerns regarding African American leadership. Now, AALA is focused on a comprehensive approach to African American leadership that targets everyone from youth to adults, males, females, and all sectors. AALA does not restrict its reach based on age, sector or affiliation.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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